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“The Midnight Man” | Midatlantic.Net

“The Midnight Man”

Gotten so many requests for this one. Original an be found here: Music: http…

Rita Rudner’s Guide to Men

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As America’s hottest female comic and author of Naked Beneath My Clothes–a bestseller in both print and audio–Rita Rudner is back with a primer fu ll of wry, laid-back wisdom on the extraordinary little things that make men an entirely different species. Rudner received the 1990 American Comedy Award for Funniest Female Stand-up.

24 Responses to ““The Midnight Man””

  1. Kevin Luckner says:

    And if you’re not joking with this Rita Rudner stuff, I actually might wanna check it out. lol.

  2. Kevin Luckner says:

    I’m pretty sure you trolling me with the Rita Rudner part… Anyway there is actually a supposed way to summon him through a pagan ritual. The general idea was what I posted earlier (Less detailed anyway). Regardless if it works and/or is possible… If it is, why would I post it on the World Wide Web? It would lead to possible death if this is true, and if it isn’t people freaking themselves out.

  3. Mohsen Abasi says:


  4. Mohsen Abasi says:

    creepy pasta is awesome

  5. jchxcgjxdtgjcg says:

    No no no…
    You got it all wrong, this is how you summon Rita Rudner…
    Also… The story sucks.
    Boy goes into the woods, sees a dead animal, and freaks out.
    It doesn’t happen too often, but for the second time today, i don’t see a single scary thing in a story.
    Might be a little bit because of the picture, the monster in the story sounds better then then one on the picture.
    The picture is a lame centaur, while the story says something about “horns coming out of his back”

  6. BillyGoatLovesHikaru says:

    I know the guy doing the storytelling isn’t the one who wrote it but these stories should be revised because they seem very rough. :0 Could be far scarier with better writing.

  7. jack higgins says:

    My mate tryed it fuck its real

  8. TheOfficialCrazyGamer says:


  9. Kevin Luckner says:

    Apparently you can actually summon the “Midnight Man.” If i remember, if you summon him… You must keep a candle lit, and if it goes out, you’re supposed to re-light it. If you can’t, you must hide out within your house until 3:33 a.m. If not, you supposedly are tortured to death… O.o’

  10. Astrimix says:

    Keep in mind, a minotaur has 2 legs, not 4 like in the picture.

  11. Anfractuous Entities says:

    I’d already liked you before, but after the Homestuck comment I almost died.

  12. bobby bryan says:

    anyone else think that the midnight man looks like a centaur??

  13. giovanni pedrianes says:

    ill stop him cleverbot

  14. ezio auditore says:

    no its the minotaur littleminotaur tinyminotaur miniminotaur

  15. sealteam14100 says:

    Its the mini minotaur

  16. jason lobner says:

    yea becuse a good guy will make you bleed and terigy for life

  17. CheesilyPowerful says:

    Yeah I guess so. It might be intentional. It just sounded like one of the kinds of typical contradictions that people don’t notice when they right these stories. But who knows.

  18. JuliaDeLand says:

    wimps use guns, real brave use wepons

  19. Trysten Howard says:

    alright it is official i can’t sleep anymore.

  20. LostMomentum12 says:

    Even people who are good can be dangerous the midnight man might be doing this for the greater good but his methods are dangerous.

  21. CheesilyPowerful says:

    Interesting story. The one glaring problem is that the Narrator says they don’t know if he’s good or evil. Then goes on to say only a few lines later that he’s dangerous and must be stopped.

  22. valerie kittypaws says:


  23. Josiah Haynes says:

    Maybe laughing jack, but you have to summon the midnight man making him not as scary

  24. SlaymotionPictures says:

    Loôks at the time, 00:15
    Fuck my ass

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